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What our clients say

It was a type of case I have never handled before, and a complicated one at that. It was a kinship hearing wherein I had to prove my clientís relationship to twenty-seven deceased relatives scattered all over the world, most of whom my client and I didnít even know had ever existed at the outset of the case. The only person I found on my own was Vera Shpolyansky of VS Probate & Overseas Research Inc. Vera found the rest and allowed me to present my case in a competent and professional manner. I could never have done it without her. Most impressive was her attention to detail and ability to work on her own Ö Also, her ability to build relationships with complete strangers around the world was invaluable in retrieving otherwise irretrievable information and documents. I recommend Vera Shpolyansky of VS Probate & Overseas Research Inc. without reservation.

Robert W., Attorney at Law, Brooklyn, New York



Veraís work was thorough and she exhibited particular organization and attention to detail. Based on our experience with Vera, we would have no doubt that her services would be a tremendous asset to your company in your research endeavors.

Dan M., Attorney, Phoenix, Arizona



I am an attorney licensed to practice law in the State of California. My practice focuses on Estate Planning and Probate matters. I contacted VS Probate & Overseas Research Inc. to perform a death certificate search in order to clear title to a piece of property for a client. For a reasonable price the company quickly located the death certificate and all known heirs. I whole heartedly recommend the services provided by VS Probate & Overseas Research Inc. They get results!

Alan C., Attorney at Law, Redding, California



Our firm retained VS Probate & Overseas Research Inc. for assistance in locating heirs of a New York decedentís estate in Poland. The product produced was excellent and the cost was very reasonable. Ms. Shpolyansky was very responsible to all inquiries and had a wealth of contacts in Poland to prepare an affidavit of heirship along with an affidavit of a family tree for this estate. The finished product was extensive, containing many pertinent documents. I would be happy to use them in future with other heir searches.

Richard C., Attorney, Albany, New York



I am an estate settlement officer at Bank of America. In the course of settling a trust estate, I found that I needed to obtain a death certificate from the State of New York. The decedentís only child predeceased her by five years. My own attempts over the last nine months to locate the death certificate of the decedentís son were unsuccessful. This is primarily because the sonís widow was uncooperative in providing us with the exact location of death. She had blocked any attempts from her mother-in-law to obtain the death certificate while she was alive by putting a fictitious name for the mother on the death certificate. Vera accepted the challenging assignment and began to work patiently through the bureaucratic mazeÖ She kept me informed of her progress and made different suggestions that eventually proved to be successful in obtaining the death certificate for usÖ I give Vera credit for the successful achievement of this assignment.

Cynthia C., Assistant Vice President, Florida



In one case Vera Shpolyansky of VS Probate & Overseas Research Inc. located a girl who changed her whereabouts every year and resided in 25 different states. We did not know her married name, and her maiden name was quite common. Vera successfully located this person and helped us to settle a very complicated matter.

Renata L., Attorney at Law, New York, New York